Due to the landscape of the Coronavirus, we have changed our operating hours and are making decisions right now due to this pandemic. We launched this online ordering web feature only a few weeks ago to keep our community and our team safe. We are having great success providing food and household items for the community given the circumstances. 


We have reached a point where the volume of orders coming in is becoming unmanageable.  Although we have fulfilled each order and we have kept up with demand, our team is exhausted and cannot stay after hours everyday.  It defeats the purpose of our business closing early. 

Changes need to be made, these are our solutions:


           1.      The online ordering system will be available between 7am-11am daily.

                        This promises all orders can be picked up and delivered by close.

            2.    We can't stress this enough - we ask that if you are a healthy and able body,

                        please use curbside pickup and reserve delivery orders for the more

                           vulnerable (elders, the immunocompromised) in our community.

                                 Not to worry. curbside pickup is a touch-less process.

            3.      You cannot change your order once it is placed. We have noticed a

                    pattern of re-submitted order forms making alterations to a previous order.

               This causes confusion. Please order once and review your list before submitting. 


           4.      We will call YOU when the order is ready. Please do not call us to check on

                   the order. It is likely in process, please be patient - it's safe to assume there                                are 10-12 people ahead of you at all times.  The wait time can be up to 4 hours.


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