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Grocery Curbside & Delivery Form 

Reminder that delivery is reserved for the elderly and immuno-compromised.

 There is a $30.00 minimum for Delivery as well as a $6.00 charge.

Please be sure to place only one order, it is very difficult to accommodate additions,

Review your order before placing it - you cannot change your order once it is placed. 

If you are accessing this page outside of Monday through Friday 7AM - 1PM, your order will not be received, and we are NOT monitoring the ordering system. 


To speed up process, please list items in the following order:

Deli/Salads/Deli Meat

Meat from Butcher


Grocery/Household Items

Frozen & Dairy

Thanks! You have successfully submitted your order to Rooster's Market.

If an item on your list is not available you will be notified!

No deliveries on Saturdays!

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