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We would like to thank you for your continued patronage, we are making some improvements

and changes to the curbside & delivery ordering services. Please remain patient as we always strive to improve our systems.

1. To start, we've extended the online ordering system to be

available 7AM - 1PM Monday through Friday for your convenience.

We ask that when you've been notified by our staff that your order is ready that you

please pick up within the hour. If you're placing an order at 8AM for pickup at 3PM,

please note that in your order so we can accommodate appropriately. 

   2. We continue to ask that you are mindful of the elderly as we prioritize delivery services for those clients.

If you are a healthy and able body, please use our curbside service as the process is touchless!

3. Wait times for Grocery Orders are around 2 hours and around

30 minutes for Deli Orders.

(This can increase at the busiest times of the day)

Some days may vary based on volume but we've settled in and have worked very hard to

streamline the process to assure all orders are received in a timely manner.

4. As of June 1st, 2020, we will be charging a 'Pick & Pack' 

 fee of $2.99 on all orders over $30.00.

This fee is to assist in the additional labor and services costs regarding this

new service that we plan to provide for the long term. This fee is for gathering your

grocery list for you so that it creates ease for your pick-up. 


5. We have added a button to place a lunch or Deli order only.

This feature is NOT to be used if you are placing a grocery order with deli products - you can put all

your items into that order. This is strictly for picking up sandwiches or hot plate specials on the go!

This will save you time and have your sandwich ready. You must come into the store to pickup,

 you can go ahead and grab drinks and snacks as you head to the register to pay.  

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Thank you for taking the time to read these updates!

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